About the IPhO 2015 Logo

The logo of the 46th IPhO combines the depiction of a well-known concept in physics and a representation of the Indian flag.

The bending of light due to a massive object is a prediction of classical physics as well as Einstein's general theory of relativity. This bending enables a star directly behind the Sun to be viewed during a total solar eclipse, a phenomenon which is depicted in the logo. However the angle of deflection is underestimated in a classical approach, but can be correctly obtained using the general theory of relativity. The confirmation of the exact amount of bending predicted by Einstein's theory during a total solar eclipse in 1919 was one of most celebrated events in the history of science.

The three colours, saffron, white and green, are from the national flag of India. The top band is of saffron colour, indicating strength and courage. The white middle band symbolises peace and truth while green represents the fertility and growth of the nation.